The Music of Andrew Howard

Welcome to AndrewHowardMusic.com, the online presentation of solo selections from the repertoire of Texas-born indie songwriter Andrew Howard. The collection of songs on this website is co-produced by Andrew Howard and creative collaborator Josh Richards as, "Andrew Howard & The Selections".

Andrew Howard's brand of indie-rock songwriting generates compositions of varied feel and form, proving themselves accessible to a broad range of listeners' tastes. With songwriting influences as varied as rock & roll icon Roy Orbison, reggae legend Bob Marley, indie staple Jeff Tweedy of Wilco, and country crooner Dwight Yoakam, Howard likes to keep an open palette with a healthy respect for groove and attitude. Howard's vocal style is easy yet emotive, and his songs bear an emphasis on well-crafted lyrics. His subject matter is sometimes soft and sweet, sometimes gritty with the grime of real life, but each of Howard's songs is a unique engaging journey.

We invite you to enjoy these musical selections for yourself right now by downloading all of our songs, completely free, with our compliments! Do us a favor: put it on your iPod and pass it on to your friends today!


A new location, a new song

Thursday, November 3, 2011
Well, after a bit of a hiatus on posting material, I have some updates! First things first: the thing listed second in the subject of this news brief... "Pitching A Tent" is the latest song to be...

December additions aplenty! Fa la la la...

Thursday, December 16, 2010
We've added three songs to the website in December, including a Christmas carol mash-up! It's a fun one. It was fun recording it, too. In reverse chronological order of recording, the songs we've...

Two songs added; one of them's a cover!

Monday, November 8, 2010
Josh and I recently finished up two new recordings: a song I wrote called "Sad Song" and the American classic "Home on the Range." They are now available here on the site. We put a groovy little...


Pitching a Tent

Date: 10/10/2011 | Length: 4:00

First Noel on the Housetop

Date: 12/10/2010 | Length: 2:33

Spare Me the Lies

Date: 12/3/2010 | Length: 4:14

Supernova Love

Date: 12/3/2010 | Length: 4:00

Sad Song

Date: 11/7/2010 | Length: 4:01

Home On the Range

Date: 11/7/2010 | Length: 4:24

Just Friends

Date: 10/6/2010 | Length: 3:51

You Won't Call Me a Hero

Date: 4/1/2010 | Length: 4:12

Heading to Ground

Date: 4/1/2010 | Length: 3:38

Little Brother (Ryan's Song)

Date: 3/20/2010 | Length: 4:01